Last Saturday,  at the NASA Johnson Space Center, in Houston, TX. I had the pleasure of having lunch with an astronaut. USAF Colonel, Brian Duffy.


Brian Duffy (Colonel, USAF, Ret.)

Over the course of four missions he spent over forty days in space. He shared some great stories.  From the selection process to become an astronaut to Ron Howard and Tom Hanks  attention to detail during the making of Apollo 13 — calling the movie the best space movie ever made.

After lunch, he joined a panel composed of five other rocket scientists and discussed the 2021 mission to Mars. Fascinating.


Here are six rocket scientists (I know I’m repeating myself, but stick with me,) six rocket scientists, talking about a trip to Mars, a planet millions of miles away. 180 days to get there, people! Pioneers paving the way for mankind. Discussing the future of the human race…and from the back row I could see multiple little cell phone screens lighting up the faces of homo sapiens more interested in their social media presence then the amazing presentation on how the human species can eventually be saved. Fascinating.

Somehow, I don’t know why, but for a quick second I thought of Mike Judge… (whom I met once, but that’s a story for some other time.)


Idiocracy trailer