I have posted this on Facebook a while back but with the nationwide release of “Daylight’s End” this week, I just thought the timing was just right to share with new friends or re-share with old ones.

You might recognize him, from movies such as “Aliens,” “Terminator,” “Pumpkinhead, or from his portrayal of a cannibalistic cowboy chomping on Michael Wincott‘ s arm in “Dead Man” alongside Johnny Depp, or even from his role as FBI Special Agent Frank Black in the TV series “Millennium.Poster 3

I vividly remember his bone-chilling performance as stone cold killer Rafe Garrett in Walter Hill‘s “Johnny Handsome,” opposite Mickey Rourke (another favorite of mine, whom I worked with, but that’s a story for some other time.)


Johnny Handsome trailer

Lance can send chills down your spine with one look but he is also a really funny guy. If you ever run into him ask him to tell you the story about the time him and Bill Paxton got pulled over by a cop after leaving the set of “Near Dark.” 


Near Dark trailer

Anyways, a Hollywood legend I grew up watching and had the opportunity to meet and chat with about a project we both worked on — “Daylight’s End.” Glad he loved it.

“In the film industry, editors are like Gods. They can really make or break a performance.” Lance Henriksen.

(I love this guy even more now.)


Daylight’s Enddirected by William Kaufman,  starring Johnny Strong and Lance Henriksen is available pretty much everywhere (On Demand, iTunes, Amazon, DVD, Blu-Ray etc…) and is in select theaters until the end of this week.14089323_1040085322711196_259180082422917581_n