It has been almost five years, half a decade, since the last football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University took place on November 24th, 2011 at Kyle Field, in College Station, TX.

It was the end of an era. The end of a tradition. The end of a 118 year old tradition.

The Aggies and the Longhorns’ longtime rivalry ended in a final game for which many burnt orange fans claimed: “with an exclamation point that perfectly encapsulated the dynamic between these two schools.” It’s hard to disagree. In the most majestic and epic ending this rivalry could have had imagined, Case McCoy‘s final kick knocked the wind out of the 12th Man and crushed any hopes A&M had left. On the board it read:

Texas 27, Texas A&M 25.

Final Score: 76-37-5. For the record, I’m a fan of neither. I’m FrenchEven though I had been in Texas for almost 20 years at the time, I never cared about college football. I never knew anything about college football or silly lil’ rivalries between universities. Silly lil’ rivalries? Oh boy, I had NO idea what was in store for me.

It’s February 2012, on a cold and rainy Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting in one of the edit suites at Media 13 looking at footage of that final game and getting briefed on the situation — the schools, their history, the century old rivalry, the Longhorns and their Aggie jokes, the A&M traditions, the oil, the money, the PUF fund… whoa, wait a second, wait. The what? Oh yeah… and this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Lead by writer/director Lindell Singleton and executive producers, King Hollis and Barry Mendelson a small group of determined story producers started to investigate the history of the rivalry between the two schools. Just like an onion, they started to peel off that rivalry, one layer at the time. And the more they peeled, the juicier it got.

Lindell and I spent countless hours in the edit room looking at footage and images, figuring out how to breathe life into such a massive story that will eventually become “The Lone Star Holy War.” I can tell you, quite a few lemon cookies and lots, lots of espressos were consumed during that time.

Whether you’re an Aggie or a Longhorn, or just love college football (the way I do now,) or know someone who does, this documentary is for you.

You don’t believe me? Check out the trailer by clicking on the picture below:


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