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Acting Volume 1

I have been laying low for a little while now and that’s because I have been working on a new and exciting documentary about… well, I am not at liberty to say quite yet but I can tell you it’s a hot topic and hopefully it’ll make some waves. More later. But for now, acting….

Me, Oswald, and Daylight’s End.

The Lone Star Holy War

It has been almost five years, half a decade, since the last football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University took place on November 24th, 2011 at Kyle Field, in College Station, TX. It was the end of an era. The end of a tradition. The end of a 118 year old tradition….

Lance Henriksen

I have posted this on Facebook a while back but with the nationwide release of “Daylight’s End” this week, I just thought the timing was just right to share with new friends or re-share with old ones. You might recognize him, from movies such as “Aliens,” “Terminator,” “Pumpkinhead,“ or from his portrayal of a cannibalistic cowboy chomping on…

Lunch with an astronaut.

Last Saturday,  at the NASA Johnson Space Center, in Houston, TX. I had the pleasure of having lunch with an astronaut. USAF Colonel, Brian Duffy. Brian Duffy (Colonel, USAF, Ret.) Over the course of four missions he spent over forty days in space. He shared some great stories.  From the selection process to become an astronaut to…