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Me, Oswald, and Daylight’s End.

The Lone Star Holy War

It has been almost five years, half a decade, since the last football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University took place on November 24th, 2011 at Kyle Field, in College Station, TX. It was the end of an era. The end of a tradition. The end of a 118 year old tradition….

Lance Henriksen

I have posted this on Facebook a while back but with the nationwide release of “Daylight’s End” this week, I just thought the timing was just right to share with new friends or re-share with old ones. You might recognize him, from movies such as “Aliens,” “Terminator,” “Pumpkinhead,“ or from his portrayal of a cannibalistic cowboy chomping on…

“Daylight’s End” release.

There is (almost) always a first time for everything. In this instance, I’m referring to this blog. Today, I was given a “voice” (merci monsieur Laurent Bohu,) and with that, the responsibility to write the first post. With the nationwide release of the action/horror indie Daylight’s End (limited theatrical, On Demand, iTunes, VR) on August 26th, yes, tomorrow, I…