Transition: Game - How College Basketball was born again at the 'Dome.


Client: Media 13 and Mendelson Entertainment Group.
Editor: Michael Marco

In the Winter of 1892-- some historians ascribe January 20th as the date -- Dr. James Naismith, a Presbyterian clergyman, hung two peach baskets in the gymnasium at the YMCA in Springfield, Mass.

And basketball--the only major sport to be created in America-- was born. 75 years later, in the winter of 1968, basketball was born again in the Houston Astrodome.

52, 693 spectators watched the Houston Cougars end the 47 game winning streak of the mighty UCLA Bruins. Score: 71-69.

But this was more than just a game. Yes, it was Number One versus Number was the two of the best players in country facing off and two of the game’s legendary coaches.

Consider the names: Hayes. Alcindor. Wooden. Lewis. Allen. Chaney.

Hindsight often brings extraordinary clarity. A single event on January 20, 1968 altered college basketball and influenced the game beyond measure. Coaches, players and sportswriters agree: There was basketball ‘before’ the UCLA/UH game and there was basketball ‘after.’ This was a defining moment that transcended sport.

The Houston Astrodome was a magical place --the 8th wonder of the world. How fitting the ‘Dome is where America’s Game was ‘born again.’

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